Ford Commercial Service

Ford Pro Maintenance Pricing

(prior to shop supplies)
LOF (up to 6 quarts)$140.00
Full Synthetic (up to 6 quarts)$175.00
Diesel Oil Change (up to 13 quarts)$250.00
Full Synthetic Diesel LOF (up to 15 quarts)$340.00


Car Machine Rotors, Replace Pads Front$525.00
Car Machine Rotors, Replace Pads Rear$525.00
Truck Machine Rotors & Replace Pads Front$625.00
Truck Machine Rotors & Replace Pads Rear$625.00
Car Replace Pads Only$325.00
Replace Pads Only Truck$325.00


Replace Air Filter (Diesel & 17 up gas vehicles)$140.00
Replace Air Filter Gas $140.00
Gas Engine Cabin Air Filter$200.00

Cooling Systems & AC Services

Coolant Pressure Test & Replace Coolant$299.95
Evaluate & Recharge System Plug Freon$450.00
AC Perforamnce Check$300.00


Alignment Check$150.00
2 Wheel Alignment$300.00
4 Wheel Alignment$400.00

Trans Service/Bearing Repack

Intall New Filter in Trans$699.99
Replace Wheel Bearings$525.00


Balance Tires$200.00
Mount 1 Tire$60.00
Mount 2 Tires$120.00
Mount 3 Tires$180.00
Mount 4 Tires$240.00
Mount 6 Tires$280.00
Mount 19.4 Inch Tire(s) Each$100.00
Flat Tire Repair$79.99


Motorcraft Plus Battery$450.00
Motorcraft Max Battery$450.00
Motorcraft Fleet Tough Battery$450.00
Charge Battery$100.00
Battery Test & Systems Check$215.00

Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades$99.99
Snow Blades$99.99
Fill Washer Fluid$20.00


Install Plug-In Device & Harness$235.00
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